Obama: Still far from solving police, community issues


Before an audience made up mostly of law enforcement officials, Obama noted that the officers on the scene of the attack reacted to the gunfire by shielding civilians. And in order for that unity in mourning to result in productive policy changes, there has to be accountability for the role systemic and institutional racism played in last week's tragedies.

A call for national and solidarity was reinforced by several speakers at the interfaith service, including former President George W. Bush, a Dallas resident, who attended with his wife, Laura. Obama had a similar message during his speech. In each instance, he acknowledges the hard and unsafe work that police do.

"It's incumbent upon all communities to show their support publicly for law enforcement, because without law enforcement, there would be anarchy".

Obama's visit to Dallas came as the country witnesses a series of protests over race and racial profiling.

In his eulogy, President Obama said that the Dallas attack appeared "as if the deepest fault lines of our democracy" was exposed, though he rejected the notion that the country was divided.

The killer, Micah Xavier Johnson, "stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers", Brown said Friday. "These men and this department did their jobs like the professionals that they were".

Less than two weeks later, a grand jury in NY declined to bring charges against police in the death of Eric Garner. "Every man or women in uniform are putting their lives at risk to protect us". He said even though the protests can sometimes be "messy" or "hijacked by an irresponsible few", it shouldn't stop anyone from empathizing with the victims' families.

Obama also received a lot of negative feedback on Twitter for bringing up the issue of gun control with this obviously exaggerated claim: "We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book". "The law too often feels as if it is being applied in discriminatory fashion", the president said after Ferguson. All three leaders acknowledged that we can't look at this tragedy without forgetting what happened leading up to it.

He repeated that message when the grand jury in NY issued its Garner decision in December of 2014. Obama asked. "Can we find the character as Americans to open our hearts to each other?" "In some cases, those may be misperceptions". For instance, just because someone likes Obama's speech from yesterday, that doesn't make them a heretic. "And it hurts. And that should trouble all of us". There is no doubt that minority communities - communities of color - feel it just takes too long to do what's right.

Obama will try Tuesday to help grief-stricken Dallas begin to heal less than a week after its officers were killed and others wounded by an Army veteran-turned-sniper.

Commenting on CNN's clip posted to Facebook, someone wrote: "Can you imagine being in a room with 2k or more officers and hearing that magnificent song and realizing for one moment...just for one moment...we all were getting along and singing praise?"

"I think he needs to really address the issue of unjust police departments across the country", Anthony said.

Outside the Meyerson, as people streamed out, Dallas Police Det.

He then touched on the realities of policing - for the officers and their families.