Obama: Reagan Would 'Roll Over in His Grave' at Voters Backing Putin


Obama took some swipes at the country itself, saying that Russian Federation is "a smaller country".

"I mean, think about it, some of the people who historically have been very critical of me for engaging with Russians and having conversations with them also endorsed the president-elect even as he was saying that we should stop sanctioning Russia and being tough on them and work together with them against our common enemies". Their economy doesn't produce anything that anybody wants to buy except oil and gas and arms.

Obama warned that the only way that Putin's government could undermine the USA was through its propaganda operation.

The president also cautioned that Putin is trying to weaken the United States.

"There was a survey that some of you saw where, now this is just one poll but a pretty credible source, that 37% of Republican voters approve of Putin", Obama said. Pointing to a recent survey by YouGov, Obama highlighted just how far GOPers have come on their feelings towards Putin. "Ronald Reagan would roll over in his grave". "Over a third of Republican voters approved of Vladimir Putin, the former head of the KGB".

On Dec. 15, Obama had voiced similar concerns during an interview with NPR, expressing disbelief that Republican lawmakers and voters were showing an increasing acceptance of Putin.

"And a big chunk of the Republican Party, which prided itself during the Reagan era and for decades that followed as being the bulwark against Russian influence, now suddenly is embracing him", Obama added.

Obama jabbed Putin over alleged Russian hacking efforts created to boost Donald TrumpDonald TrumpObama on GOP's warming to Russia: Reagan "would roll over in his grave" Still no Latinos in Trump's Cabinet, with few picks left Santorum: Exxon Mobil became "alarmist" on climate change under Tillerson MORE's presidential campaign. Trump has repeatedly dismissed the CIA's assessment that Russian Federation had interfered in the election to help elect him.

"No foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed an attack on our homeland that was directed from overseas", Obama said.

"And unless that changes, we're going to continue to be vulnerable to foreign influence", the president said.