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NYTimes Caves to Liberal Mob, Changes Headline About Trump


The president then quoted Mark Penn, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, who during an appearance on Fox News late Tuesday said, "This is an astounding development in journalism".

"Fake News - That's what we're up against", Trump continued, noting, "After 3 years I nearly got a good headline from the Times!". I don't think so'.

"This headline was penned ... by some poor copy editor on the night shift trying sum up one of the most complicated issues of our time (race, violence, murder, immigration, bigotry, presidential history) in four words".

The president's opponents, many of whom are seeking to exploit the mass shootings for their own political gains, wouldn't be satisfied with any headline unless it read, "Racist Trump Fails to Seek Gun Ban".

He has drawn unusually intense criticism among liberal partisans for his past rhetoric condemning Central American drug gangsters and other illegal immigrants.

The president is visiting the two cities on Wednesday amid complaints from Democrats in both places that his appearance will be divisive. By pretending Trump isn't himself the "purveyor" of white nationalism, the media has "enable [d] him to maintain the patina of respectability and his followers to support him while disassociating themselves from the white nationalism he foments", Rubin added.

After Trump delivered an address in the aftermath of the deadly shootings, in which he condemned racism and white supremacy, the newspaper planned a front-page story with the headline, "Trump urges unity vs. racism".

In response to The New York Times headline, Ocasio-Cortez, a 2007 Yorktown High School graduate, took to social media to scold the media.

'They feel like their hard work is being sullied by a frightful headline.

That characterization implies that the mood in the newsroom was critical of Trump to a degree that underscoring his call for national "unity" in a headline wouldn't permit. "Fake News-That's what we're up against".

In a Tuesday interview with the Columbia Journalism Review, Dean Baquet, executive editor of the Times, said he took full responsibility for the gaffe, but insisted there was no motive behind the initial mistake.

'Trump invoked "unity, devotion, and love", concepts about which he demonstrates no knowledge.

In a televised statement given on Monday, Trump denounced white supremacy and said such ideologies "must be defeated".