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NY nanny sentenced to life in prison for killing two children

NY nanny sentenced to life in prison for killing two children

"I'm very sorry for everything that happened, but I hope that no one goes through what I have gone through", said the 55-year-old Ortega. "We miss feeling their soft skin in our arms".

The judge calls Ortega "pure evil".

Ortega had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

The children's mother, Marina Krim, speaking to the judge before sentencing, said Ortega tried to destroy her family but failed.

The children's mother found them in a bathroom.

"I ask for a great deal of forgiveness", Ortega said through a Spanish-English interpreter.

The children's father and Marina's husband, Kevin Krim, was returning home from a West Coast business trip when police reached him at John F. Kennedy International Airport to share the tragic news.

"We could not find a strongly credible proof that the defendant was not aware and able to recognize what was going on", Curtis said.

"Nessie will never know what her sister and brother are like".

Dad Kevin Krim says it's right nanny Yoselyn Ortega (YOH'-sih-lihn ohr-TAY'-guh) "should live and rot and die in a metal case".

Ortega's lawyer said Ortega suffered from depression and anxiety disorders, and refused to take prescribed medications.

The grandma's defence team maintained that she experienced from "chronic mental illness" and has been mentally not capable of being held responsible for her actions.

Prosecutors said the nanny was disgruntled because she felt she was being overworked by the family at the Upper West Side apartment. The emotional testimony often kept the panel and the audience in tears.

Mrs Krim had not originally meant to return to court after an intense six-hour testimony during the trial, however she returned in ordered to "finish a disgusting chapter in my family's life".

Krim had been at a swimming class with her 3-year-old daughter, Nessie Krim. But when they arrived, Lulu wasn't there. She had been working for the Krim family for almost two years when she took the children to the back bathroom of their apartment and killed them.

Krim opened the door to the bathroom to discover the children's bodies stacked in the tub. Each time she makes a wish, it's always for Leo and Lulu to come back to be with us.

She clarified she had subsequently witnessed Ortega chased himself at the throat at a clear suicide attempt.

"As Nessie grows up, she will be asking Kevin and me deep, unanswerable questions about life that most parents avoid talking about with their kids", Marina Krim said.

At Ortega's trial, Kevin Krim testified that when his plane landed in NY that night in October 2012, he was met by police, who escorted him to the hospital where the bodies of his dead children had been brought, along with his wife and surviving child.

Karen Rosenbaum, a psychiatrist brought forward by the defense, testified that Ortega said devil "voices told her to kill people, kill herself and eventually she told me they told her to kill the children".