Nun at centre of Katy Perry legal battle dies in court

Nun at centre of Katy Perry legal battle dies in court

In what could be described as a battle of faiths, an aged Catholic nun died in a Los Angeles county courtroom fighting to her last breath against the purchase of a convent by pop-megastar and born-again evangelical Christian Katy Perry.

The years long real-estate legal battle between Katy Perry and a group of nuns took a tragic twist as one of the sisters involved in the case died in a Los Angeles court room on Friday.

Perry had offered to buy the eight-acre property and its Roman-villa-style buildings for $US14.5 million ($18.4 million), and to relocate an adjoining house of prayer used by priests.

Hours before her death Friday, Holzman stated her case to reporters from FOX-11.

The sisters said they previously spoke with Archbishop Jose Gomez, who agreed they could choose who would purchase the property, but they could not get a hold of him once they chose to move forward with Hollister, The Los Angeles Times previously reported.

She added: "And to Katy Perry, please stop".

The "Roar" singer's efforts to buy the aging hilltop home were stymied when the nuns tried to sell the convent to a local entrepreneur to turn into a boutique hotel, but a judge ruled in 2016 that the sale was invalid.

Sister Catherine Rose of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. "Please archbishop. Do what is right in your heart", Sister Rita said.

Hollister was ordered to pay Perry $5 million in punitive damages for interfering with the sale.

"The Archdiocese removed us to "monetize" our property", according to the sisters' website, which positions the dispute as a battle against both the patriarchy of the church and Perry, who, according to the website, "has no concern for the awful path of destruction she is creating".

Archbishop Jose Gomez released a statement paying tribute to Sister Catherine following her death. However Sister Callanan told the LA Times that she and Sister Holzman disapproved of the pop stars image. "We're trying to get out to the public to say what is being done to Dana Hollister is absolutely wrong, the judge was wrong, the jury was wrong". "She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us".