Now iPhone users have over an hour to delete their WhatsApp messages

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With the extended timeline, users can now delete messages they've sent by mistake inside 68 minutes (one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds to be precise).

WhatsApp used to give users seven minutes to delete a message after sending it. To delete an unintended message for all participants in a WhatsApp conversation, you just have to long-press on the respective message, tap the right arrow, and then press on the "Delete" option.

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a wide variety of new features have been pushed in to make it more interesting for the users. The feature has since been added to iOS and Windows phone updates.

What's the worst message you've ever accidentally sent that you wish you could have deleted?

For those unfamiliar with the functionality, deleting your messages works for both individual and group chats. The feature was spotted in Android beta, and it looks like this has been rolled out to iOS and Windows versions of the WhatsApp as well. After tapping on that option, the message will disappear from your device and recipient's phone. It is hoped that this will stop customers from using illegal mods and upgrades to indiscriminately delete old messages.

It means that whether you have misspelled something, sent a message in the wrong chat group or even just written something that you now regret, you can remove it from the conversation.

Its only shortcoming, in the opinion of users, was the seven minute time limit. Given the current design, these messages then get replaced with a "this message has been deleted" notification.

WhatsApp hasn't explained its reason for extending the time limit, but the new function could have a myriad of repercussions for users. The company offers two different ways of using its service on a computer - WhatsApp Web and desktop apps.