Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX): The Outlook For 2014

Boston, MA, 12/26/2013 (nysepost) – There are many things that Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX)’s management is doing with the company that will surely make it stand out in 2014. Last September, the company raised $87 million via a public offering and there is a distinct possibility that the company will end 2013 with approximately $140M in liquid assets. It is important to understand that the company might also end up earning something in the range of $40 million-$50 million from the contract with the United States Department of Health & Human Services and the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority in 2014 for the company’s  pandemic flu-vaccine work. If one looks at all of these figures in totality, it definitely looks like the company will have full-funding right through to 2016.

And analysts are also averring that Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX) will have its commercial vaccine launched in the market well before funding starts to become an issue.  The company is expected to release its full mid-stage data for RSV and its seasonal influenza vaccines by mid-2014.

The outlook for 2014

These have been able to trigger very strong immune-responses in the previous trials, and the Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX) management believes that the pivotal late-stage trials might well start before 2014 is out. In short, what analysts are pointing out to is the fact that the company’s innovative clinical pipeline and its muscled financials see, to have the potential to carry the company through into 2014. And it is also important to note that all these points have not been lost on the market and the company’s stock has definitely been on the upswing.


The company’s innovative streak 

Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX)’s clinical program has vaccine candidates that are specifically-designed to address various infectious diseases across the world. It used  innovative virus-like particle and the recombinant nano-particle technology and efficient and new manufacturing approaches to produce  vaccine candidates that combat diseases. The objective is to enable countries to be better prepared for and also to be able to respond quickly to the spread of infections. Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX)’s clinical pipeline has VLP vaccines that are in advanced development stages.

The pandemic swine flu

These vaccines are to be used against seasonal and pandemic influenza. Novavax, Inc (NASDAQ:NVAX)’s produced the VLP vaccine to be used against 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza or “swine flu”.  This pandemic was first recognized in Mexico. In its clinical trial in of over 4,000 subjects there, the H1N1 VLP vaccine was well-tolerated and the immunogenic even at its lowest-dose tested of 5 micrograms and post one immunization.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine

The respiratory syncytial virus is the main cause of very serious respiratory disease in young children and infants globally. Increasingly, this virus is also recognized as a noted pathogen in the elderly population. This eventually results in bronchiolitis / pneumonia in 25-40% of RSV infections in infants. Between 0.5 -2 percent of these infections eventually result in hospitalization. Despite the fact that these infections are so common and severe there is no RSV vaccine available. And so, when innovative companies like take the lead in developing and bringing to market the kind of vaccines they  are aiming to, it’s definitely worth a mention.

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