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North Korea fails in new missile test: Seoul


As tensions between North Korea and the USA rose in recent days, speculation had grown that Kim Jong Un would conduct a nuclear test or other major military test.

The procession marked the 105th anniversary of the birth of the country's founding father, Kim Il-sung - the grandfather of present leader Kim Jong-un.

Choe said President Donald Trump was guilty of "creating a war situation" on the Korean Peninsula by dispatching USA forces to the region.

The North has said it has developed and would launch a missile that can strike the mainland United States, but officials and experts believe it is some time away from mastering all the necessary technology.

The United States, its allies and China are working together on a range of responses to North Korea's latest failed ballistic missile test, Trump's national security adviser said on Sunday, citing what he called an global consensus to act.

State television showed what appeared to be several KN-08 intercontinental missiles rolled out on trucks at the parade.

North Korea has reportedly launched a missile on its east coast which has failed.

He said it's likely that North Korea is also developing solid-fuel ICBMs and that some of the rockets inside the canisters seen on Saturday might have been prototypes.

The U.S. had scrambled a carrier battle group led by the USS Carl Vinson to the area near the Korean Peninsula, prompting aggressive comments from North Korea on Friday.

US Vice President Mike Pence as part of a 10-day trip to Asia arrives in South Korea on Sunday in what his aides said was a sign of the US commitment to its ally in the face of rising tensions over the North's weapons programmes.

Ostensibly Saturday's event was to mark the 105th anniversary of the North's founder Kim Il-Sung's birth - a date known as the "Day of the Sun".

However, the display did show that North Korea is still going right ahead with their missile development program.

But if the parade signaled a readiness for war, North Korea has long insisted that its goal is peace - and its own survival - with its growing arsenal a way to ensure that the government in Pyongyang is not easily overthrown. Military analysts say the missiles could one day be capable of hitting targets as far as the continental United States, although North Korea has yet to flight test them.

North Korean soldiers are facing the death penalty after spreading a joke comparing Kim Jong-un to a kindergartner. "No matter who it is, if it wants to make war or trouble on the Korean Peninsula, it must take the historical responsibility and pay the due price".

A new North Korean missile test failed today, the South's defence ministry said.

Han dismissed the suggestion Trump made previous year during his presidential campaign that he was willing to meet Kim Jong Un, possibly over hamburgers. "Look, we've tried for 25 years across Republican and Democratic administrations to persuade the North Koreans to give up their quest for nuclear weapons".

It has carried out five nuclear tests - two of them past year - and multiple missile launches, one of which saw several rockets land in waters close to Japan last month. Recent satellite imagery suggests the country could conduct another underground nuclear test at any time.

She also noted the land-based KN-15 missile was mounted on a special launcher that increased its off-road capabilities.