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No Relief for Dreamers in US Govt's Latest Spending Bill

Missouri state Rep. Hannah Kelly R Mountain Grove

At a hastily arranged White House briefing Friday afternoon, Trump told reporters he signed the sweeping funding package "for the goal of national security" even though he was "unhappy about a lot of things" in the massive funding package.

"There are a lot of things I'm unhappy about in this bill".

"We need to take care of our military", Trump said.

"We thank appropriators and congressional leadership for recognizing the importance of the CDFI Fund and the CDRLF program", NAFCU Vice President of Legislative Affairs Brad Thaler said. "I'm not going to do it again".

"I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill", Trump tweeted Friday morning, sending tremors to the hill.

"I do want the Hispanic community to know and DACA recipients to know that Republicans are much more on your side than the Democrats who are using you for their purposes", Trump said. "The Democrats fought us, they just fought every single inch of the way". We wanted to include DACA, we wanted to have them in this bill, 800,000 people and actually it could even be more.

DACA recipients are undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

Dreamers are angry at Trump and Republicans for not mentioning the anti-deportation measure in the spending bill and still claiming to be supportive.

"My highest duty is to keep America safe", Trump said.

He also marveled at cash earmarked for the country's nuclear missile program.

On "The Daily Briefing", Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt said the budgeting process for the Trump administration and this Congress "stinks", and it has been a continuation of a decade-long trend in Washington, D.C.

But the President soured on the $1.6 billion earmarked for his contentious border wall, saying that it's not enough.

"They get together and they create a series of documents that nobody has been able to read because it was just done". Instead, the spending package increases the office's budget by 14 percent to $2.32 billion. The bulk of the money will go to repairing existing fencing segments. The White House also issued a formal statement of administration policy indicating Trump would sign the bill.

President Donald Trump had proposed eliminating both of the programs in his 2018 and 2019 budget requests.

The bill easily passed by the House Thursday. Rand Paul, who was hoping that Trump would veto the bill.

The battle over spending budgets have always been the primary source of drama on Capitol hill, locking the two main political parties in tooth and nail fights that more often than not leaves both parties feeling cheated out and eager to regain lost ground in the next round. "No one has read it. Congress is broken". I looked very seriously at the veto. Congress passed a short-lived Line Item Veto Act in 1996, giving then president Bill Clinton the power to scratch items from spending bills as a means to rein in fiscal excesses.