No Bixby Voice at Galaxy S8 launch

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While it will support Vision, Home and Reminder when it launches on April 21, Bixby Voice won't be included on US models.

Bad news for those interested in testing out Bixby voice assistant with the Samsung Galaxy S8 later this month: It won't be immediately available. "This includes Bixby Vision which allows users to identify objects the camera is pointing at, Bixby Reminder and Bixby Home", said a Samsung spokesperson in a statement.

Now, however, we will have to wait for the firmware update to come in order to be able to use Bixby's many voice-interactive talents.

While some elements of Bixby will be included in the April 21 launch, the headline voice activation feature won't be available in the USA until "later this spring", Samsung said in a statement.

Bixby was one of the flagship new differentiators for the Galaxy S8. Also coming at launch is the Bixby Home feed as well as Bixby Reminder.

Will Bixby launch later in spring or will it arrive sooner?

The new smartphones have been proving a hit with Australians, with Samsung reporting they are selling more than the troubled predecessor Galaxy 7 by a rate of "double-digit percentage points". However, in demos for Axios, the new voice assistant Bixby failed to work properly.

The intelligent personal assistant from Samsung, Bixby, now only supports the English and Korean languages.

Samsung claims that Bixby will be able to support nearly every task that the application that is capable of performing using the conventional interface (i.e. touch commands). United States was supposed to be the only other market where Bixby Voice would be available at launch, but that is sadly not going to be the case anymore. But you won't be able to control the smartphone by voice, and that might be a huge letdown for some users.

In Bixby Voice's absence, customers can make use of Google Assistant, another voice assistant that comes pre-loaded on the phone.