Nissan unveils new long-range LEAF

2018 Nissan Leaf    
   Nissan USA

Also, Nissan Leaf 2018 is available in three different models. The cost of the vehicle will be slightly lesser by next month while going on the sale in Japan, with following the United States, Europe, Canada and so on by coming January.

Nissan President Hiroto Saikawa said at an unveiling event at Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, "Our spirits have been lifted as we were able to deliver a Leaf model full of technology at a time when the world has begun moving towards a full-blown era of electric vehicles".

While a "hands-on" system, it previews Nissan's ongoing development of future leading edge autonomous drive technologies. The airplane wings too help with a more symmetric air flow for a smoother and more efficient drive quality.

Nissan envisions the "game-changer" V2G technology "making renewable sources even more widely integrated and affordable" by turning the auto into a mobile storage device.

The next one on the list is a unique feature that is also a segment first.

The remodeled Leaf also gets a 6.6-kilowatt onboard charging system that draws more electricity from a 240-volt charging outlet, allowing the Leaf to go from empty to fully charged in about 7.5 hours, Maragno said.

This includes systems which take on some of the functions of the human driver, such as controlling the vehicle on single lanes, self-parking and what Nissan is calling "e-pedal".

At the forefront of the new technology bundle sits the semi-autonomous ProPilot, but market dependent the Leaf also has self-parking technology, among others. With a max 107 mile driving range, the current generation Leaf has been overshadowed by the Bolt, Model 3 and even slightly squeezed out by the BMW i3 and 2017 VW e-Golf. The e-Pedal is the logical extension of that mode using both regenerative systems and brakes, but like regenerative braking, can be disabled by the driver. One-pedal technology allows the combination of speeding up, slowing down and braking, all with stepping on the one-pedal function. The model will be introduced next year, Nissan said in the statement.

The new Leaf's wider, lower stance improves handling, according to Nissan. The design is less futuristic than that of Tesla Model 3 or even the Chevy Bolt, which can be positive or negative, depending on your preferences.

However, the biggest complaints about the electric vehicle were its relatively short travel range and the high price reflecting the cost of the batteries. Automakers will also have to change to meet new kinds of competition, forming partnerships and acquiring software and connectivity capabilities, not just sticking with traditional engineering.