Nissan creates the biggest remote controlled GT-R ever

Nissan  Sony PlayStation

Therefore, Mardenborough was approached to be the first driver of the GT-R /C because of his talent in both Gran Turismo gaming and real-life motorsporSince 2008, Nissan has also made motorsport more accessible to everyone with GT Academy turning amateur gamers into professional racing drivers. If you have never driven a fast RC auto, you might not know how hard it is to control the vehicle when it is coming towards you, controls are reversed in that instance.

Mardenborough fastest lap controlling the R/C GT-R from a helicopter flying overhead was timed at 1 minute and 17.47 seconds and he hit a top speed of 211kph and he lapped the track at an average velocity of 122kph.

The GT-R /C, as it has been named, has been modified by United Kingdom firm JLB Design with mechanical parts to control the steering, throttle and brakes, as well as the gear selector, so it can be driven externally without anyone on board. With this, Mardenborough was able to post a fastest lap of 1:17.47 at the circuit, with an average speed of 122km/h.

The remote-controlled vehicle was operated by Jann Mardenborough. In other words, Mardenborough has plenty of experience piloting a GT-R with a PlayStation controller, though until now it was always with a virtual version of the vehicle, instead of the real thing.

Nissan  Sony PlayStation
Nissan Sony PlayStation

The GT-R/C has a standard 542bhp V6 engine and uses four robots to operate steering, gearbox, brakes and accelerator. Six onboard computers were able to update the controls 100 times per second, and the auto had a wireless range of just over half a mile.

The unmodified DualShock 4 connects to a microcomputer which interprets the joystick and button signals and transmits them to the GT-R /C's on-board systems. The controller can send data wirelessly to the auto from up to one kilometer away.

Dubbed the GT-R/C (R/C for "remote control"), the vehicle was actually a modified 2011 model with a top speed of 196 miles per hour.

He said: "The GT-R /C has brought my two worlds together - the virtual of gaming and the reality of motorsport - in a way I never thought possible". Mardenborough became a racecar driver after winning the GT Academy program, which gives virtual racers the chance to compete for a spot as a real-world racing driver.