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Nintendo Shares Up 56% Amid Pokemon GO Craze

Pokemon Go

If you're a Pokemon GO player living in a metropolitan area, chances are you're surrounded by Pokestops and Gyms. But then all of the server issues happened and Niantic Labs announced that future rollouts would be on hold until the issues were fixed. However, the studio has already started making the game available in other regions.

The reach of Pokemon GO has been global, as it appears the entire world in playing the game.

According to SimilarWeb, which has already pegged the app as more popular than Tinder in the USA - and soon to overtake Twitter - Pokemon Go has already been installed on more than three per cent of all Android phones in the UK.

The United Kingdom is yet another country that has a serious soft spot for Pokemon, so Niantic can expect a healthy response to the release of the app. Of the apps analyzed, Pokémon Go was used on an average of 33 minutes and 25 seconds, more than Facebook (22 minutes and 8 seconds), Snapchat (18 minutes and 7 seconds) or Twitter (17 minutes and 56 seconds). GameSpot speculates that the unspecified country could be Japan, Nintendo's and The Pokemon Company's homeland. The game has even helped to uncover a dead body. If Niantic follows this strategy, retailers and other businesses would be able to buy Pokestops (locations where players go to stock up on pokeballs and find Pokemon) or Pokegyms (locations where players battle other Pokemon) to lure players to their locations. The augmented reality game is quickly becoming popular that some people are already considering it as phenomenal. Niantic has a tough task ahead as it attempts to maintain this popularity, but the first week of release has demonstrated that audiences are beyond engaged with the new experience.

Rumors of partnerships between the trio of companies responsible for Pokemon Go and brands like McDonald's-who has worked with Nintendo on promotions in the past-began when Reddit users reverse-engineered the Android and iOS versions of the game and discovered lines of code hinting at an imminent relationship with Ronald McDonald and friends. If the studio keeps up the pace, the game could be available worldwide in a matter of weeks.