Nintendo NES Mini Classic : the production will resume in 2018

1-Up: Nintendo Bringing Back NES Classic Edition Console in 2018

Nintendo has launched the very successful Switch this year.

The game that gave birth to the legend...of Zelda...appears on NES Classic Mini. However, Nintendo is also bringing back one of the classics.

NES Classic Mini consoles regularly sell for double their $99.95 RRP on eBay or even higher. NES mini featured 30 games without the ability to expand the list. With the original price of $60, it was still a bargain, but the lack of availability made the prices soar up to $250.

Finally, Nintendo has heard our cries and confirmed that they would be re-releasing the #Nes Classic Edition in 2018.

The announcement that the NES Classic Edition is set for a revival came at an interesting time, especially since it is not available until 2018.

Production of the console, which also sold out soon after pre-orders went live, was originally scheduled to stop by the end of the year. The company also announced more units will be sold of the Super NES Classic Edition (Nintendo SNES), which have been almost impossible to find after selling out a year ago.

Nintendo had signaled that the NES Class Edition would not be returning after selling out, upsetting some loyal fans who had hoped to buy the console packed with retro titles.

Its success prompted company officials to launch their new mini console, the SNES Classic edition, which will have games from the Super Nintendo era. The company has also announced that it is increasing the shipments of the upcoming Super NES Classic Edition, which is set to begin shipping on September 29.