Nintendo is making sure the Switch doesn't sell out again

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Some Nintendo Switch owners have reported that their consoles received scratches from the dock that allows the Switch to be played on TVs. As of 31 December 2016, Wii U's lifetime sales sat at 13.56 million. These giveaways of these in-demand Nintendo consoles might be your best chance to get them this month.

Over the years Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo have entertained many millions of people around the world by creating their own unique user experiences. The Switch is looking good so far both critically and commercially, so the reception can give an optimistic forecast for the console.

The Journal quoted Nintendo chief executive Tatsumi Kimishima as saying that the company would ship two million Switch units globally each month, but "one person familiar with production" told the Journal that 2.5 million is more likely. Based on that, the company has made a decision to double up its Switch console production.

There is one very important factor which is going to help the Nintendo Switch greatly.

Hopefully Nintendo can maintain this momentum until prospective buyers are actually able to get their hands on a Switch. It's a mobile console first with removable small controllers. This was one issue that gamers were hoping would be resolved after the initial patch Nintendo sent out, though the company is still attempting to find a solution. A new Zelda game will be amongst the launch titles for the new Nintendo Switch, formerly known as Nintendo NX.

"South Park: The Fractured but Whole" was originally slated for a March 2017 release, but Ubisoft has since announced the indefinite delay of the game earlier this year. Taking advantage of the browser no being connected to the console's main operating system would allow users to send commands to the Switch and affect its basic functions. However, not all games were on sale in other regions.

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