Nick Gordon Arrested Again - See His Mug Shot

Gordon is the one who found Houston's daughter and his then-girlfriend Bobbi Kristina  dead and face down in a bathtub three years ago after a night of partying and arguing

Meanwhile, also according to the officer, Gordon denied hitting Leal and stated that he just wanted her to leave his residence after he alleges she ripped his shirt and threw a bottle at him.

He was given a bond of $500, along with a due date to appear in court on April 6.

However, according to his girlfriend, she picked up Gordon from a bar and that while driving back he allegedly struck her in the right side of her face several times.

The officer who filed the report confirmed that he saw visible marks on Nick's girlfriend, and described them as a "visible injury to include slightly swollen bottom lip with dried blood". Once home, she claims they got into another verbal altercation.

Gordon was arrested in Seminole, Florida, on Saturday following a dispute with his girlfriend, Laura Leal.

The domestic battery and kidnapping charges were dropped in August after Leal became uncooperative.

Nick was brought in under similar charges last June.

He was previously arrested for allegedly kidnapping and beating his girlfriend for six hours in June previous year.

The pair told DailyMailTV in October that they had reconciled with Leal saying she had been the aggressor in the incident. Houston's family blames him for the death of Kristina Brown after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub at their Atlanta home.

This isn't the first time Gordon has had a run-in with the law concerning domestic violence.

Gordon has been in the headlines since the death of his ex-girlfriend, the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, in July 2015. A wrongful death lawsuit is not a criminal charge of murder, which requires the burden of proof to be "beyond doubt".