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New Yorkers not amused by Missouri man who sliced bagels like bread

Bagels sliced like bread cause internet outrage

So much for going against the grain.

A St. Louis man's photo of bagels sliced like bread has gone viral on social media - and many are in shock over the handling of an East Coast favorite. Grub will even grant Krautmann that there does seem to be a lot of extra surface area that could be used for cream cheese, essentially making this something like a Hasselback-potato cut. He wrote the few remaining slices make nice bagel chips with hummus.

Predictably, these addendums did little to save him from becoming toast on Twitter. Many responses were both passionate and unfit for print; some slightly more level-headed users asked whether Krautmann kept his job and advised his coworkers to call human resources. The Democrat tweeted, "St Louis, fuhgeddaboudit".

Rubin also points out that unlike, say, New York, St. Louis doesn't have a plethora of bagel options. "Real New Yorkers know there is only one way to slice a #bagel", the account tweeted.

May the legacy of the cursed St. Louis style cuisine live on forever. Even Sen. Chuck Schumer and NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea put their two cents in.

Panera, however, responded to Krautmann saying that they'd pay for his next bagel order and slice them however he'd like.