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New PUBG PC update adds extra costumes and bug fixes

New PUBG PC update adds extra costumes and bug fixes

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a new update that adds many items in the game through two crates, the update also focuses on bug fixes and changes to the replay system.

Another update coming to the game pertains to the in-game loot boxes.

The update also featured a number of optimizations, including PhysX performance enhancements, an increase to server FPS, an increase to client FPS, and some slight VFX optimizations.

The new reporting system enables players to report suspected cheaters "directly from the replay feature of our game".

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) surpasses Minecraft but it is still far away from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is awarded the best-selling PC video game in history.

There have even been some adjustments to the balance of the game, as they have made a decision to increase the damage dealt against vehicles.

The patch will be installed 1am PST and as it affects the servers, they will be down while the patch comes in.

With the addition of the report button to the replay feature, players can take a look at what they believe is cheating behavior and likely forward that evidence along with their report.

While a recent update to the Xbox One version of PUBG focused on improving the overall performance, this PC patch is bringing some more interesting changes. "We encourage you to use the replay report tool as it is an effective and efficient way of making us aware of the players who are undermining your enjoyment of the game".

Throw in PUBG's new limit of six crate purchases a week, and it's easy to see how rare items from the game will be able to be sold on its Steam Marketplace for a pretty penny. The game has already come out of Early Access on Steam, but there is clearly a lot of work to do on both platforms.