New Jersey man claims $315-million Powerball jackpot

Tayeb Souami of Little Ferry gestures as he is introduced as the $351.3 million Powerball winner Friday

A lottery official confirmed the victor is from northern New Jersey but didn't say where.

He found out he was the victor the next day.

The bottle of orange juice cost $5 at ShopRite, but Tayeb Souami's wife had found the same brand on sale for $2.50 elsewhere. He has two children. Souami, 55, had some work to do in the yard, but he also wanted to get his auto washed while his wife stayed at their home in Little Ferry, preparing meals for the week. He said was on his way to a carwash when he saw a 7-Eleven and stopped in to check his Powerball tickets.

The cashier immediately said "Oh my God", after scanning the ticket, Souami said. "The second ticket was good but the machine said it must be seen by the retailer", he said.

"My heart, it was just beating beating, beating", he told reporters.

"The clerk kept saying, "Oh my God".

Souami, originally from Africa, moved to the United States in 1996.

The first things he plans to do with winnings are pay to pay off his college loans, pay for his daughter to go to college next year and pay off his home, which he had just refinanced and received the check for last week.

"I have to take care of them", he said.

Souami has chose to take the cash payout, which is $183.2 million dollars before taxes.