New Gmail interface to roll out to everyone in July

New Gmail it's coming whether you like it or not

Eight weeks after the official rollout announcement in July, all users will be automatically updated to the new Gmail, though they'll be able to opt out for another four weeks. The last option will be the default setting.

The new Gmail web interface has been available for over a month now, but it's still in preview and it's an opt-in affair. "They'll have the option to opt out of the new Gmail for an additional four weeks". But we see no reason why normal Gmail users would be excluded.

From the start of July, G Suite Admins can transition all Gmail accounts to the new Gmail, letting companies bring all their staff over to the new update straight away. If you change your mind, you can click Settings, then "Go back to classic Gmail".

Google's Waterloo team helped design some of the more noteworthy features of the new Gmail, including the client's new Confidential Mode.

Today, Google posted its schedule for rolling out the redesigned Gmail experience to G Suite users.

This can house Google Calendar, Google Keep and Google Tasks all in an easily-accessed bar. However, the roadmap makes it apparent that Google doesn't want to waste time or split its user base. But by around October of this year, it's very likely that you will be forced to permanently use the new Gmail experience whether you like it or not.

Google just announce a timeline for when you'll be getting the new Gmail, which includes how long you'll be able to stick with the old version. It plans to have everyone using the new design within a few months.