New Apple TV 4K Goes Official With 4K HDR Support

Apple just announced a new Apple TV that will stream video in ultra-sharp 4K resolution

At the Apple keynote event today, after the Apple Watch 3, the company also unveiled the new Apple TV 4K.

This morning, at an event taking place at Apple's Cupertino headquarters, the company announced that the new generation of Apple TV will be capable of streaming 4K and HDR content (HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which translates into superior brightness/darkness in the images on the screen).

Apple will provide new 4K HDR content through iTunes, which will allow customers to rent and buy movies and TV shows in the sharper, more colorful standard. Apple says it's bringing 4K movies to iTunes at the same price as it charges for high definition movies, and people who bought HD movies will be automatically upgraded to the 4K versions.

The Apple 4K TV will be available to order starting September 15, shipping a week later on September 22. By the end of the year, Apple TV app will be introduced in seven more countries.

The new Apple TV 4K aims to bring the device up to speed - literally. A 64GB model will cost $199. This is certainly welcomed news for those deeply tied into Apple's ecosystem, but it's worth noting that owners of other devices like the Google's Chromecast Ultra or Roku Premiere have enjoyed accessing 4k quality content for almost a year already. Apple finally catches up to the competition with 4K HDR support that can deliver much better looking videos on your TV or Projector. However, the product is a key accessory to the iPhone and the centrepiece of Apple's emerging video content strategy and Services business. Unfortunately, it's taken about as long as Apple to join the 4K set-top box party as it has for producers to offer enough content at the resolution to warrant the purchase. Apple will also continue to sell the 32GB 4th generation Apple TV for $149. Should something even newer and exciting comes along in terms of the marriage of traditional and modern content, Apple's powerful devices should be more than prepared. That makes it twice as fast as the fourth-gen Apple TV and with four times the graphics performance, according to Apple. The new A10X Fusion chip, Gigabit Ethernet port, simultaneous dual band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 support are nice additions, but they're not game-changing.