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Nepali man killed during the airstrike on a detention centre in Libya

A Turkish unmanned aircraft on display in Istanbul. The Libyan National Army says they destroyed a Turkish drone in a strike on an airport in Tripoli. AFP

Anti-government forces led by warlord Gen Khalifa Haftar have accused government forces of bombarding it.

"This brutal slaughter is also a sickening reminder of the deadly consequences of Libya and Europe's callous migration policies".

We also call for an immediate end to detention of migrants and refugees.

Gradual on Wednesday, the UN Security Council held a gathering within the support of closed doorways, but used to be unable to agree on a assertion condemning the air strike, after the United States acknowledged it wished approval from Washington earlier than it may probably perhaps perhaps well label it, the AFP recordsdata agency reports. This week, his army declared it would use heavy airstrikes against its foes.

Since longtime strongman Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and killed in 2011, Libya has been mired in violence and instability.

What function we know in regards to the attack?

The UN refugee agency in Libya condemned the air strike on the detention centre, which houses 616 migrants and refugees.

"People were everywhere, the camp was destroyed, people are crying here, there is psychological trauma, the lights cut off".

Many had attempted to cross the Mediterranean to Europe aboard boats and were rescued or intercepted by the Libyan Coast Guard, which returns all those it picks up to the detention centres. Nonetheless humanitarian companies exclaim the human label is too high.

The Government of National Accord "is now reviewing the closure of shelters and the release of illegal migrants to ensure their safety and security", GNA interior minister Fathi Bachagha said.

The "heinous crime" was "premeditated" and "precise", it said. The LNA, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, says it targeted a nearby militia position but denies striking the hangar where the migrants were being held.

The IOM Chief of Mission in Nigeria, Mr Franz Celestin, who confirmed the development in a statement, however, did not disclose the number of Nigerians killed in the attack.

United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said the attack might amount to a war crime.

Why is there battle in Libya?

So my advice to the president is push for a political reconciliation in Libya.

Late Wednesday flights were suspended at Mitiga, Tripoli's only functioning airport, a statement by airport authorities said, after Haftar's forces launched an airstrike on the facility. But the two migrants told the AP that three or four escaped harm and about 20 were wounded. However, the GNA, which is based in western Libya's Tripoli, has not received popular support.

Last week, it was reported that militias loyal to the Tripoli regime captured US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles after taking control of an LNA base.

The strike should also press home the need for the European Union to step up efforts to help end the nightmare of migrant detention in Libya, including by demanding an end to abusive detention by Libyan authorities.

"We have also pushed Libyan authorities to put in place mechanisms improving the treatment of the migrants rescued by the Libyan coastguard after their disembarkation in Libya ... ensuring that migrants are properly screened and registered, assisted in accordance with their specific condition, and placed in reception centres that meet worldwide humanitarian standards", the spokesperson said.

"I fled from the war, to come to this hell of Libya", said one teenager from sub-Saharan Africa who suffered minor injuries in Tuesday night's airstrike near Tripoli.

Following Italy's objections, the wider European Union proposed a compromise solution of setting up European Union "assessment centres" in countries like Libya, where applications for asylum could be processed on foreign soil in a bid to break up the smuggling operations. Such a pass used to be resisted by Libyan officers. "So there can be no excuse for this centre having been hit".

"Migrants who are trying to get to Europe get picked up typically by the Libyan coastguard".

No more empty condemnation, they said.