Negotiations Between House Dems and Mueller 'BREAKDOWN,' Testimony Possibly Delayed

Mueller hearing might be delayed and lengthened so more members can question him

House Democrats are considering a delay of special counsel Robert Mueller's high-profile hearing next week because of concerns over the short length of the scheduled hearings before two committees.

The possible delay came as House Democrats on the Judiciary panel pressed their leaders for more time to question the special counsel. Just two hours of testimony would mean junior members of the committee would not have time to ask questions-a dynamic that outraged some of those members, who felt they were missing out on participating in a historic hearing.

Lawmakers began to consider a delay when Judiciary Committee members balked at the unofficial arrangement for Mueller, because numerous panel's less senior lawmakers would not get time to ask questions.

"They want to hurt the president for the election, because I see what I'm running against", Mr. Trump said before the hearing was rescheduled.

"Internal talks over the structure of the hearings originally scheduled for July 17 have been heating up for days, with some members complaining they might not have enough time carved out to ask questions", reports Fox News.

But under the tentative agreement, the Judiciary Committee would be given an extra hour.

Mueller addressed the public from the Department of Justice earlier this year following his "No Collusion" conclusion; telling the American people any Congressional testimony would be confined to the contents of his report.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler declined to comment on Friday as he left Capitol Hill. "Obviously, we want to make sure that there's a full hearing". Judiciary has 41 members.

"But the bigger point, which I said yesterday, is that we need Mueller to come in and testify and that's what we're focused on finalizing", the Washington Democrat said.

Under a new plan, sources said the House Judiciary panel would get an additional hour for questions.

"Every single member of the House Judiciary Committee, on the Democratic and the Republican side, should be able to participate in the hearing in some way, shape or form". He had expressed his reluctance to testify, and has said he won't go beyond his Russian Federation probe report. The investigation concluded in March, and the following month the Justice Department released the office's report documenting its work.