National View: Stormy Daniels beating Trump at his own game

Sarah Sanders

Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, in turn filed a lawsuit, saying the non-disclosure agreement she signed was null and void because Trump himself never signed it (for he wanted to be able to publicly deny any connection to Daniels).

"I've addressed this extensively", Sanders said. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said he believes it's proof that Cohen was acting in a professional capacity as Trump's attorney in the negotiations. She also admitted to "capitalizing" on her fame.

She added, however, that it negatively impacted other things she was working on, including mainstream ventures. Now, she said, she not only acts but writes and directs films as well.

The first, dated October 26, 2016, was sent to Cohen's Trump Organization email address by Elizabeth Rappaport, assistant to Gary Farro, senior managing director at First Republic Bank. "And so when someone says, "Hey, you're a whore, ' I'm like, 'That is 'successful whore" to you!'"

"I have two choices", she told Rolling Stone.

And later, an email provided to CNN by Clifford's attorney showed Cohen used his Trump Organization signature in an email.

"It's sort of been a double-edged sword where a lot of people are very interested in booking me for dancing and stuff like this", Clifford told CNN, taking away time from films and projects she's supposed to be promoting. "The terms were already set before this stuff happened, and I got a raise, so I'm doing just fine".

When asked by Smerconish if anyone 'offered to pony up the million dollars to protect her, ' Avenatti said: 'At least 10 individuals in the last three days alone'.

As for her moment in the national spotlight, she said: "I think it's pretty clear that with new developments come new interest".