National Football League franchises show incredible growth in value beyond other sports

3. Real Madrid are valued at $3.58 billion

The Cardinals are valued by Forbes at $1.8 billion, the same at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League and Brooklyn Nets of the NBA. Alongside Adidas, the club are sponsored by other big companies such as Chevrolet and 20th Century Fox.

No sports league is as profitable as the NFL, and it shows as Forbes released their list of the most valuable sports teams. Spanish rivals Barcelona drop down 1 place from third to fourth whilst Real Madrid dropped 3 places to fifth. United have moved up two places on the list after being named the fifth most valuable team a year ago. The total value on the team is now an estimated $1.95 billion, which is a 32% increase from last year's value of $1.48 billion.

Only seven football teams make the top 50 which equates to just 14%.

Behind them are Manchester City, named as the 35th richest team in the world with a $2.1bn valuation, Arsenal at 43rd with a $1.9bn valuation and Chelsea at 48th with a $1.8bn valuation.

Since purchasing the team from businessman Wayne Weaver, current owner Shad Khan has more than doubled the value on the franchise and it appears the team will hit the $2 billion mark next season.

The Chiefs enjoyed an overall value increase, per Forbes, of 23 percent over the previous year.