Nathan's Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest

Craving a hot dog? Here are some great local spots

NEW YORK (AP) - Joey "Jaws" Chestnut extended his reign as champion eater at the Nathan's Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest Wednesday, downing a record 74 wieners and buns in 10 minutes to take home the coveted Mustard Belt for an 11th time.

Neave said he doesn't expect to win, but he said he hopes to down 30 or so hot dogs within the 10-minute competition. He surpassed his previous record of 72 a year ago.

In the distaff side, Miki Sudo outlasted 19 other competitors that included record-setter Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas to win her fifth consecutive women's title.

According to the contest's website, it was Chestnut's 11title for eating as many hot dogs as possible in 10 minutes. And Carmen Cincotti ate 64 dogs but was initially only credited with 45.

Even stranger, though, is that the error regarding Chestnut's number wasn't even close to what Cincotti endured. But it was later revealed that an entire plate wasn't counted for both.

"I'm going to keep riding the wave", he said of his carer on the competitive eating circuit. "This love led me to develop a line of high-quality, American-made condiments created specifically for America's most beloved foods".

If you're looking to catch the freakish eating event live as it happens, or even if you're just looking for an excuse to sneak inside and escape the sweltering heat for a few minutes, you can catch all of the hot dog eating madness live on ESPN 2. Chestnut finished second behind fellow San Jose resident, who finished finished far back this year. Cause he's murdering those franks - is an accomplished competitive eater, having won every Independence Day match since 2007 with one exception. But Major League Eating will not be tainted by evil machines.

The Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest has been held annually since 1916, and we're sure it will continue for at least another century, especially with Chestnut in his prime. It's still there at Surf and Stillwell.