Muslim Man Attacks French Sentinel Soldier With Knife

BREAKING Knife-wielding man attacks soldier in Paris no injuries

A knifeman who attacked a soldier has been arrested in Paris.

A soldier deployed as part of the anti-terror operation Sentinel was attacked by a knife-wielding man who is reported to have made references t0 "Daesh" (Islamic State), according to Le Parisien.

Police spokeswoman Johana Primevert told The Associated Press that the incident took place early Friday in the Chatelet station in central Paris.

The victim managed to wrestle him to the ground and he was arrested by armed police as he shouted ISIS slogans. The man was quickly neutralized by the soldier.

The unidentified man was taken to the main police station in Chatelet, and now faces a range of terrorist charges.

Later on Friday, the Paris prosecutor's office said that counterterrorism investigators opened a probe into the incident, based on preliminary examination of the attacker's background and the method and target of the attack.

"It is the proof of the professionalism and efficiency of the soldiers of Sentinel in this protection mission".

On Aug. 9 six soldiers in Levallois, outside Paris, were hurt when a driver deliberately rammed into them, authorities said.

It is the latest in a long string of attacks on service personnel involved in Operation Sentinelle - an initiative involving 10,000 soldiers and 4700 gendarmes and police.

France declared a state of emergency following attacks in Paris in November 2015, in which more than 130 people were killed. One officer was hit in the head with the hammer, prompting police to fire at the attacker.