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Mueller Report: Sanders Admitted To Lying To Media


The controversy arose after Ryan called for Sanders' firing in light of the Special Counsel's claim, in his report on alleged Russian election meddling, that she'd misled the press.

While the White House, especially Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has been extremely disrespectful to veteran journalist April Ryan, it looks like she might be getting the last laugh.

The Mueller report also showed that Trump directed a series of aides to ask McGahn to publicly deny the story, and ultimately asked himself, too. One official said former Trump lawyers John Dowd and Ty Cobb encouraged such cooperation in order to complicate Mueller's push for an interview with Trump himself.

In a footnote, the report states that the White House counsel's office was briefed by Burr, a North Carolina Republican, on the "existence of 4-5 targets, '" citing notes from former deputy White House Counsel Annie Donaldson.

Prior to Sanders' verbal defense on Friday, the Mueller report said she did tell the special counsel's team that her words to the media were a "slip of the tongue".

Sanders has been accused of deceptive practices many times during her almost two-year-long stint as press secretary. Most famously, Ryan sparked the #piegate micro-scandal when she first claimed Sanders lied about a pecan pie she tweeted a photo of, then accused Sanders of poisoning a pie for Ryan as revenge.

"Huckabee, Sanders" father, tweeted Friday night that Ryan's "incitement to murder" should lead to a revocation of her White House credentials.

That same day she said that "most of America had decided on their own that Director Comey was not the person that should be leading the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as evidenced by the numerous comments that we've seen from Democrat members in the House and Senate, Republican members, members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and people across the board". "I can speak to my own personal experience", she added.

"Sarah plays a risky game in that room, and so has Sean", she said, referring to Sanders' predecessor Sean Spicer. Sanders acknowledged to investigators that the comments were baseless. She said the point she was making "is that a number of both current and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agents agreed with the president". But still there is something weakly rewarding about having that corroborated by an impartial public servant and in black and white on a DOJ document.Spinning is to be expected, since being a press secretary is all about selling the administration's position.