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Mom Shoots Guy Trying to Break In to Confront Teen Daughter

Troy George Skinner

Fresh details have emerged that New Zealand man Troy Skinner, who was last week shot after allegedly trying to enter a 14-year-old girl's home in Virginia, had staked out the property for over two hours, dressed in all black before approaching the back door. "He was not invited here, he was not expected here, he had been told in the past that the daughter no longer wished to communicate with him", says the local sheriff.

Skinner has not been charged with a crime yet, but could face entering a dwelling with intent to commit, murder, robbery, rape or arson. He checked into the Hosteling International USA hostel at 7 N. Second St. downtown.

"This was not random, not spontaneous, this was something very planned", Sheriff Agnew said on Monday, describing Mr Skinner's two days of travel.

About 2:30 p.m. Friday, a resident of the Holland Hills subdivision, while driving out of the neighborhood, noticed a man in black clothing and a backpack crossing the road along Bulldog Way and Steeplechase Parkway, Agnew said.

"His arrival here was totally unexpected by anyone", Agnew said.

Agnew continued: "I have to emphasise very clearly, that while he may the hospital [with a gunshot wound], he is not the victim".

"He is not the victim, that lady and her family members are the victims".

It wasn't known if Skinner has an attorney. He said the 14-year-old teen did not know Skinner was flying to see her, and she had not provided him her address.

"All I can say is the manner in which he attempted to enter that home in the face of a firearm pointed at him and the implements we recovered from him - the only inference is that he had very bad intent", Agnew said.

It was Skinner's first time leaving the country and he had a passport delivered to Singh's house in January.

The mother warned him she had a gun, and after he allegedly broke through the glass and reached inside to unlock the door, she fired twice.

When Skinner's first knock at the door wasn't answered, he went to another door and said he was a hitchhiker who needed help.

"They thought that was the end of it until they saw him at the back basement door, which is situated under the deck", Agnew said.

Investigators found him in possession of his New Zealand driver's license, his plane ticket from Auckland, and his bus ticket from Washington to Richmond. Skinner allegedly tried to run but fell in a neighbor's yard.

"They are pursuing federal charges related to contacting" the girl, the sheriff said.

Officers later determined Skinner had attempted to force himself into the adjacent home occupied by the mother and her two children. "They had a violent man try and break into their home".

Agnew said Skinner then became "crazed". "You should probably be wearing a flack vest, because you're probably going to get shot", Silvester said.