Mobile Digits Lets You Take Calls From One Number On All Devices


The company has yet to release an official price for the monthly subscription feature, but as of now, Digits can be tested out by any of the opt-in customers who have made a decision to participate on the beta.

T-Mobile announced a new technology that allows customers to use the same phone number for all their devices and add multiple numbers to one phone.

T-Mobile, the nation's third-largest carrier, has gained a reputation for bucking industry conventions under CEO John Legere. Users can swap between their numbers right from the dialer, allowing them to choose which number to use for an outgoing call on the fly.

The service also allows devices to have multiple number - one for work, and one for personal calls or dating, for instance.

The company also said the program is being targeted at businesses, with its new DIGITS being shareable among employees. It will also be possible to text or receive texts from across a wide range of devices while using just one number.

According to multiple Twitter users, the form on T-Mobile's website for the Digits beta would occasionally show the name and phone number of another active T-Mobile subscriber.

T-Mobile tmus customers can sign up for the beta test starting on Wednesday. "This isn't the first time you can add extra numbers to a device, but this IS the first time you can do it all - multiple numbers on one device and one number on multiple devices - and do it with carrier-grade quality".

Digits also works across other carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.

With T-Mobile Digits, customers will be able to use their T-Mobile phone number across phones, tablets, wearables, computers - virtually all their connected devices.

However, until then owners will have to download a Digits app to use the service. You'll be able to share DIGITS among employees, so your entire sales team can get both calls and texts to your company's sales line - no more missed sales calls.

T-Mobile is already working with other device makers to integrate DIGITS natively into their devices. The advantage to this is letting customers designate different work and personal numbers on the same device without have to create multiple accounts or cellular lines. For those without native functionality, Digits can be enabled through an app on iOS or Android, and is accessible through a browser on PC and Mac computers.

But on a conference call with press, T-Mobile VP Mike Sievert claimed - as you'd expect - that T-Mobile has worked up a superior option compared to Apple's Continuity, AT&T NumberSync (which "tacks on" to Continuity's ideas) and Google Voice. The distinction here is that T-Mobile will not be using a secondary number but instead will be using the actual cell number.

Nevertheless, if that doesn't bother you too much, all you need to avail of Digits is a postpain T-Mobile account.