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Missing pregnant Maryland teacher found dead, suspect arrested

Laura Elizabeth Wallen

Tyler Tessier, 32, of Demascus, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Laura Wallen, 31, of Olney, whose body was found Wednesday buried in a field in Demascus.

Lauren Wallen had been missing for nine days and missed the first day of the new school year on September 5.

Police also say that Tessier admitted to attempting to dispose of Wallen's cell phone, her driver's license, and the license plate on her auto, and that he told a friend to lie about picking him up at Wallen's residence if the police contacted her.

4, Wallen's sister received texts from Wallen saying that her unborn baby might not belong to Tessier, according to the Washington Post.

"Laura, if you're listening, it doesn't matter what has happened".

"This is just one of those tragic cases where you have an absolutely innocent victim and just a senseless, senseless killing", Manger said. The acquaintance refused to assist him.

When Tessier spoke Monday at the news conference, in his appeal for Wallen, his voice occasionally broke as he said " We haven't slept, we haven't eaten, we're just looking, we're praying that you're safe. Although police believe Tessier was the father of the child Wallen was carrying, the text message claimed that he was not.

Police had information from local witnesses that Tessier had been frequenting the area where Wallen's body was found in Damascus.

Tessier was arrested and charged Wednesday, two days after he stood beside Wallen's parents during a news conference and pleaded with the public for her safe return.

Police say Tessier's presence at that press conference was "calculated".

Police say Tessier also called an acquaintance that weekend and asked him to help "clean up a mess", an offer the friend turned down.

Manger said Wallen had texted her friend that Saturday night. Police believe she was killed the next day. The photo sent by Wallen showed the same field where her body was located, police said. I know what she means to everyone else.

The school's "Gathering of Hope" event scheduled for Wednesday night has reportedly been canceled. Police officials said that Wallen's body was found after detectives executed a search warrant of the friend's farm.

However, the acquaintance declined, Manger said. He also told police that he got rid of the front license plate, along with Wallen's driver's license and iPhone.

"My heart goes out to her wherever she is", said Madison Pearson, who told WJLA she had Wallen as a teacher in middle school and high school.

Tessier was present with Wallen's family during a press conference on Monday.

"The decision to allow him to participate in that news conference was a calculated decision made by the detectives in this case for the express goal of hearing what he had to say".