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Missile attack brings countries to brink of military clash, says Moscow

Missile attack brings countries to brink of military clash, says Moscow

Russian Federation has claimed Tuesday's deaths in Khan Sheikhoun were caused by a Syrian regime airstrike on a rebel-controlled chemical weapons facility.

A statement released by "the joint command operation center of Syrian allies", a group that includes Russian Federation and Iran, warned the us against further military actions in the war-torn country, following a missile strike on a Syrian air base last week.

The Kremlin says it will suspend the "deconfliction channel", which is meant to prevent unintentional conflicts with the Syria, and the strike prompted the U.N. Security Council to convene an emergency meeting Friday.

Haley said the USA took a "moderate approach" but is capable of doing much more.

The US strike Thursday was created to be a targeted mission on the airfield from where the deadly chemical attack was launched Tuesday.

Elsewhere in Syria, activists opposed to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group said a US-led coalition air strike hit a boat carrying civilians fleeing across the Euphrates River near Raqqa, ISIL's self-proclaimed capital.

Haley reiterated her statements about further actions in Syria in her interview to the CNN. "From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond".

"Ayrault said the parties must come back to Geneva for deep, honest negotiations".

Russian Federation has warned that the US missile strikes could have serious consequences for the region.

The missile strikes were the first time the United States has directly targeted al-Assad's forces in the six-year war.

After last Tuesday's chemical attack in Syria, Trump said his attitude toward Assad "has changed very much" and Tillerson said "steps are underway" to organize a coalition to remove him from power.

"The Syrian people and army are determined to crush terrorism in every part of Syrian territory". The American attack on Shayrat Airbase in Syria killed 14 people including nine innocent civilians, the governor of Homs told RT.

Both presidents "noted the inadmissibility of USA aggressive actions against a sovereign state in violation of worldwide law", an April 9 statement said.

Lavrov said he supported a "thorough and impartial" investigation.

On Sunday, Russia's Foreign Ministry criticized a decision by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to cancel a visit to Moscow later this month, saying it showed a lack of understanding of events in Syria.

The British have "no real influence on the course of global affairs, remaining "in the shadow" of their strategic partners", it added. The United States and other Western countries have thrown their support behind rebels fighting the Syrian regime.

A week ago, Haley and Tillerson said that the USA was not working towards unseating Assad, and that such a decision should be up to the Syrian people.