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Miss North Dakota wins 2018 Miss America Competition

Miss North Dakota wins 2018 Miss America Competition

Mund, who is aspiring to become the first female governor of North Dakota, will now travel thousands of miles a month touring the country this year promoting her platform, Make-A-Wish Passion with Fashion.

After subsequently winning the crown the new Miss America said she had not cared what the impact of her answer would be on her chances. Judge Maria Menounos asked Mund: "195 countries signed the Paris agreement, in which each country sets non-binding goals to reduce man-made climate change". She said she believed leaving the agreement was the wrong decision.

She did also say she may not agree with all his opinions, but we all need to support the President. "They ruined the Miss America pageant with political correctness".

Mund has been accepted to study law at the University of Notre Dame and will use the $50,000 scholarship she received after becoming Miss America for her studies.

During the competition, the contestants put their talents on display - Mund showed off her Jazz dance skills - and answered judges' questions on current events.

New victor of America's most attractive and eligible woman is Miss North Dakota.

She is indeed the true victor because not just on stage but in real life also she overcame every defeat when she said that she has been diagnosed 3 times with cancer. She reminded the audience about Dakota's lack of pageant successes.

It's a bold move to air Celebrity Family Feud - hosted by Steve Harvey, Destroyer of Beauty Pageant Dreams - just before the Miss America 2018 pageant.

"She's a lovely girl, so happy for you", another told Mund's mother.

Exclamations of "booootiful!" and "gorrree-gus!" followed Mund as she posed with her real crown underneath the crown-bestowing arms of the Boardwalk's Miss America statue.

Making the top 14 were: Miss Tennessee, Miss Virginia, Miss Pennsylvania, Miss Louisiana, Miss District of Columbia, Miss Texas, Miss Alabama, Miss New Mexico, Miss Missouri, Miss Alaska, Miss Georgia, Miss South Carolina, Miss North Dakota and Miss New Jersey.

The Ivy League graduate is a dance champion in the nationals who had undergone Radio City Rockettes training.

Miss Texas, Margana Wood, also sent love to the people in her home state, who are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey.