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Millions vote in Venezuela poll

Fresno residents stand in solidarity with Venezuela protesters

However, in response to these voices, the Venezuelan bishops have decried the consultation "legitimate" as it represents the Venezuelan people's constitutionally-endowed sovereignty. "As if they are autonomous and decide on their own", he said.

I'm not sure there is any going backwards from here. "But these 7 million people spoke and it was plenty".

Venezuela's opposition on Monday called on its supporters to join escalating protest tactics against the government, including a 24-hour national strike on Thursday.

The opposition plans to burn ballot papers from the informal poll so those who voted against the government can not be identified and victimized.

Fox said he left Venezuela as planned Monday and hadn't been personally notified of any action by the Venezuelan government. "I think it's going to embolden the global community to reject it".

Meanwhile, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada said on VTV government television that he was declaring former Mexican president Vicente Fox persona non grata and banning him from the country for conspiring to instigate violence and foreign intervention.

Opposition members shout slogans against Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro as they waits for the results of a of a symbolic referendum in Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday, July 16, 2017.

The day was marred by violence when pro-government paramilitary groups attacked voters outside the Our Lady of Carmen Church around 3 p.m., according to the opposition mayor of the Caracas borough of Sucre, Carlos Ocariz.

Fresno residents stand in solidarity with Venezuela protesters

The chief prosecutor's office said Xiomara Soledad Scott, a nurse, had been killed and four others wounded.

Calling it "a hymn to peace", Maduro said the people of Venezuela through their extensive participation in the constituent electoral process have shown that the way to solve the country's problems is through peace. But she said it's falling apart in the hands of the government. "Today we're following his legacy, with President Nicolas Maduro ..." Do you demand that the National Armed Forces and all public officials obey and defend the Constitution of 1999 and support the decisions of the National Assembly? That rewrite would have the capacity to dissolve the National Assembly, an opposition-heavy body of lawmakers that has been a source of frustration for Maduro for years.

"We must be aware of the differences we have in the country, we must resolve them with peace, with votes and not bullets, with tolerance, with democracy", continued Maduro. "There's no separation of powers, no freedom of expression".

There are emerging fractures within the ruling clique, which controls most institutions in the state outside the weakened national assembly.

It is holding an unofficial referendum on Sunday to give the Venezuelan people a chance to be heard about the ANC, since Maduro called it without any warning.

"Prisoners are persecuted in front of arbitrary military tribunals, violating the if they were risky animals", they added. Do they want the armed forces to back congress? However the vote, dismissed by Mr Maduro as illegal, was largely boycotted by government supporters.

Venezuela has been plagued by daily outbursts of anger over food shortages and an economic crisis characterised by rampant inflation. More than 500 protesters and government opponents have been jailed. The petroleum-rich nation has been hit hard by falling world oil prices.

The woman's death brought to 96 the number of people who have died in almost four months of protests and political agitation in Venezuela's streets.