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Military vehicles to roll through Washington in parade

Donald Trump

However, due to the millions of dollars it would cost and the potential damage it could cause the streets of Washington D.C., tanks will not be used in the parade like the Paris Bastille Day parade that inspired Trump in the first place. Officials said they are anxious about the possible damage that non-wheeled vehicles could infict upon Washington streets.

It also said the parade will "include wheeled vehicles only, no tanks" and that "consideration must be given to minimize damage to local infrastructure". Some had expressed doubts about tanks rolling through downtown Washington, D.C., raising fears about heavy machinery damaging roads. Older aircraft will be included as available.

In the memo, the Joint Staff are tasked to plan the parade, while U.S. Northern Command is instructed to execute it.

The parade Trump was referring to is the Bastille Day parade he attended previous year in Paris.

The parade will focus on the contributions of USA veterans throughout the history of the military, starting with the Revolutionary War, and will highlight the evolution of women veterans from World War II to the present, according to the memo.

Despite the increase, the Trump administration in late 2017 tried to slash funding for homeless vets, until advocates noticed and stirred up enough support to get the decision reversed.

The Defense Department had earlier said it was planning for "around" that date, which is known in the United States as Veterans Day and in other countries as Remembrance Day marking the end of World War I.

Trump should be surrounded in the reviewing area at the Capitol by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients, the Pentagon memo said. We've been putting together some options.

Since taking office, Trump has frequently touted his support for the USA military and placed high-ranking generals in top White House and cabinet posts.

Apparently, this celebration of the American military will also feature soldiers in Revolutionary War uniforms.