Miles Teller Cast As Goose's Son In 'Top Gun: Maverick'


Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer are reprising their roles as Maverick and Iceman, respectively, in Top Gun 2, which began filming earlier this month.

Paramount Pictures has set the Top Gun sequel release date for July 12, 2019. In the original film, Goose (played by Anthony Edwards) was Maverick's co-pilot before tragically dying. Following his death in 2012, it was revealed that the other parties involved were still interested in making the film, with Kosinski's involvement being announced in 2017. Directing is Joe Kosinski, who helmed Oblivion, also with Cruise.

Cruise first confirmed the anticipated sequel previous year, and last June confirmed the film's title in an interview with Access Hollywood. The new movie is set in the world of drone warfare and explores the end of the dogfighting era that was the center of the original film. Do you think he fits the bill as a son of Goose, and do you see this as a natural progression of the story? The actress played Goose's partner in Top Gun, but has been selective about her on-screen appearances in the decades since her 80s and 90s heyday as America's Pixie-Cut Sweetheart. "Two for symmetry. Okay, the posters are staying", Glen tweeted.

Miles also took to Twitter after the casting decision was made. Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise will produce the film, and Harold Faltermeyer, the composer who created Top Gun's memorable theme music, is also returning to the production.