Microsoft's first ever flagship store open for business

Wired Microsoft had made a Surface Mini tablet but never shipped

Now, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Surface Mini did exist but had to be killed to make way for its newly launched Surface Book laptop. Located at 677 Fifth Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets, the store is situated in a popular and heavily touristed stretch of prime Manhattan real estate.

One very noticeable feature, according to PC World, is a two-story video tower at the 22,000-square-foot site.

Microsoft has made it to the Big Apple.

In the first guide, titled "Getting started with Windows 10 on Surface Book", Microsoft details how a user account and the Windows Store work. There's also space at the front of store visible to onlookers, where customers can play Xbox games on an 84-inch monitor. It is the 110th Microsoft store with locations that span the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Microsoft now has over 100 retail stores worldwide as part of their pursuit of cool, something Apple has achieved seemingly without effort.

In addition, the flagship has two theater spaces, which will be used for training sessions, community programs, and other in-store events. On the second floor is the Answer Desk, Microsoft's answer for Apple's Genius Bar, where customers can get technical help and general troubleshooting assistance.

The Apple's influence on Microsoft's store is understandable. The third floor of the shop features a Dell store, where customers can try out a number of Dell products. The store's senior manager, Bill Madden, declined to comment when asked how much revenue he expected Microsoft's new store will generate.

The flagship store is Microsoft's largest shop to date, and it houses an "Answer Desk", which will provide a place to go for technical questions, troubleshooting, and repairs regardless of device or where it was purchased. The Microsoft Flagship Store in one of the company's strategies to expand sales.