Microsoft Working on the Device, Codenames it as 'Andromeda — Surface Phone Rumors


Microsoft appears to be working on a similar device that will fold over like a book and have an emphasis on digital ink.

It all ultimately comes down to the apps and services it runs and whether users find them compelling. So what we could be looking at is a foldable tablet that can double up as a smartphone, but Microsoft isn't looking at this as a smartphone replacement, the report notes. Eight years later, Microsoft could soon be making the Courier a reality. However, it is suspected that it could be a pen-based foldable PC with phone capabilities, which is in line with Microsoft CEO's statement previous year, saying that, while the company is not done with the mobile phone market, its next mobile device will not look like the smartphones of today. Microsoft execs killed off the Surface Mini running Windows RT right before Microsoft was set to announce it. The Andromeda foldable device will also be equipped with CShell or Composable shell, a software that adjusts the user interface to be suitable for any type of platform. There's talk they could offer multi-day battery life and will feature built-in LTE cellular connectivity.

To recall, Microsoft had officially pulled the plug on its Windows Phone smartphone business, a few days ago.

It's no secret that Microsoft terminated Windows Mobile.

Earlier reports about Microsoft's announcement of the Windows 10 Mobile's demise have affected the Surface Phone rumors. The purported device, codenamed Andromeda, is likely to run ARM-based chipset and given Microsoft's focus on Windows 10 software, the presence of Windows apps such as OneNote and Edge can not be overlooked. The phone will run notebook app tied to OneNote, and the app is created to mimic writing in a real notebook.

Apparently, Microsoft is working on a Courier version that might actually make it to stores.

"We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today's market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device", Nadella told the Australian Financial Review previous year. Various Office 365 services, including Teams, StaffHub, MileIQ (mileage-tracking) and Invoicing could make a lot of sense. Windows Central looked into some of Microsoft's internal projects and found that Microsoft is working on an intriguing new project that could, in theory, replace your smartphone. I'm unable to verify if the device will be able to run Win32 programs. In short, Andromeda is a digital pocket notebook. (I have boxes and boxes of these notebooks stashed away in my closet.) I finally trained myself to type my notes over the past couple of years and have nearly entirely abandoned hand-writing anything.

As mentioned above, the device will be keeping the pen and digital ink at the front and centre.

So, what exactly is this Andromeda device and why should you care?