Microsoft to acquire Obsidian, future RPG's to combat Sony?

Microsoft to Buy Fallout New Vegas Developer Obsidian Report

Microsoft is close to acquiring "Pillars of Eternity" studio Obsidian Entertainment, according to a report by Kotaku. Sales of these games were satisfactory, to be sure, though perhaps the studio would rather seek stability once and for all instead of having to seek funding each and every time with a different publisher. One person with knowledge of the deal told Kotaku they heard it was "90 percent" finished. I will be sure to update you on any confirmation to whether Obsidian is officially going to be acquired by Microsoft.

In late 2017, Obsidian announced that it was developing a new RPG that would be published by Private Division, a label of 2K Games created to fund mid-sized games.

"Unfortunately, we don't comment on rumors or speculation other than to say that the Rumors album by Fleetwood Mac still holds up", said an Obsidian spokesperson.

One option is for Microsoft to buy out the contract; another is for Microsoft to simply inherit it, allowing Obsidian to tie up its loose ends as part of the acquisition.

If true, this would be another sizable acquisition for Microsoft, a company that has previously snapped up Mojang, Rare, Turn 10 and 343 Industries, but more recently picked up Playground Games, Ninja Theory and Undead Labs all in the past year.

There is no doubt about Sony having the majority of unbelievable game titles for their PS4 platform, but contrary to popular belief that may not be the case in the future years to come. A series of cancelled projects reportedly led to major financial troubles in 2012.

Obsidian's relationship with Microsoft doesn't leave much in the way of company friendship. And the move appears to make sense for both parties.