Microsoft takes us back to 1985 with new Stranger Things Windows tie

Stranger Things Season 3 Easter Eggs

As entertaining as Stranger Things 3 is, there's no doubt it leaves a lot of open questions heading into a potential fourth season.

It's full of hidden clues about the new season, including secrets hidden in the first version of Microsoft Paint, clips from the show that draw from that heavily pixelated look we all remember from the days of FMV gaming, and even an old-fashioned dungeon crawl-style game that helps you unlock the secrets of Stranger Things 3.

Following Netflix's boast this week that "Stranger Things" Season 3 had pulled 40.7 million viewers in its first four days - a record for Netflix for that period - a new survey by Wall Street financial services firm Cowen & Co. indicates that the show is drawing significant numbers of new subscribers for the SVOD, as well as driving former subscribers to return.

But Stranger Things is set to smash that out of the park, as it's achieved that in a fraction of the time.

It's nearly a Game of Thrones-style success for the new season since the insanely hyped series finale of HBO's GoT reached 19 million viewers in the USA, according to the cable network. So without further ado, here are five of the weirdest items the Stranger Things marketing campaigns hath wrought.

It would be absurd for there not to be another season considering executive producer Shawn Levy already told Collider in April that it was 'definitely happening'.

Of course, the total number of actual people who have viewed the show will be much higher, as Netflix's statistics only count households.

"Again, like we said, it's going to feel very different than this season". Stranger Things Collector's Edition Monopoly is coming, and the game will let you play as one of Eleven's beloved Eggos, Police Chief Jim Hopper's hat, an oh-so-'80s cassette tape, Max's skateboard, Steve's nail-filled baseball bat, and more. It's available at Hasbro, game shops, and on Amazon.