Microsoft Surface Phone - Know The Release Date, Features, Specs and More


Let's say that the so-called Surface Phone comes to market in the spring of next year, which seems like a conservative assumption based on existing rumors. Hence, there is a possibility that Surface Pro 5 will be released equipped with that software in 2017.

That's a tasty combination indeed, and with any hardware, it's always good to have a nice healthy guarantee period (Microsoft only provides a one-year guarantee as standard).

First, Microsoft's Windows software will be upgraded, naming it Redstone. Microsoft then fixed the issue and lodged the succeeding Surface Pro 4 with Skylake processors. Once completed, the Surface Phone would showcase all the new features.

Built by the team behind the hugely successful Surface Pro and Surface Book devices, the smartphone is rumoured to be set for a 2017 launch.

"The post also stated that the phone will have a 5.7-inch touchscreen display with 2K resolution, a 20-megapixel rear camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, and a Snapdragon 830 processor". The three rumored editions of Microsoft Surface Phone are expected to be aimed towards three kinds of users such as consumer, prosumer and enterprise.

"It's also a painfully clear indication that you shouldn't purchase a Windows-powered smartphone, no matter how appealing it looks. And the new Surface phone certainly looks appealing".

The opinion piece adds that people want to use Windows on a laptop, not a mobile phone.

"Microsoft has had a mobile phone OS for decades and it's stunk the whole time. Memory management has been a disaster for them since Windows CE", claims RAS. At that point, the last Windows 10 Mobile flagships (Lumia 950 and 950 XL) will have launched some 18 months prior, with only a smattering of mid-tier devices introduced in the interim.

Microsoft's Surface Phone is all set to change the way the markets function. Still, even the Surface Pro didn't reach its full commercial potential until the 12-inch Surface Pro 3 was released in June of 2014. The Surface Pro 5 will likely sell at a more affordable price of $1,094.