Microsoft removes Huawei laptops from its store

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As expected, United States companies started reacting to the executive order issued by President Trump with Google leading by saying: "We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications".

Huawei is an electronics powerhouse that has relied on partnerships with Google and Microsoft to help boost its global business.

A Huawei spokesperson told Fortune the operating system is a "Plan B" and "very last resort". Later, the company said it was scrutinizing whether its products break USA restrictions on trading with Huawei, causing some confusion, as the latest claims contradict the previous ones. No major carriers sell its handsets in the US, and Huawei's broader business of telecom networking equipment has been effectively blocked from competing in the USA beyond rural markets since a 2012 Congressional report branded it a security threat.

Its Chinese unit later released a separate statement that it continues to supply to Huawei, stressing that transactions not covered by the ban have been not affected. A string of Japanese carriers, including NTT Docomo, said they were also considering delaying the launch of Huawei's new smartphones. The US Commerce Department, however, soon announced that it had provided Huawei with a 90-day license during which it could work with mobile phone companies and internet broadband providers to maintain the current networks online and safe users from any security threats. In perhaps the least-surprising episode of this saga, Google has pulled all Huawei phones from the list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices - the phones and tablets Google suggests for use in large companies. Some of those chip makers have reportedly stopped supplying Huawei, but none of them have confirmed it.

"Samsung seems to be benefitting the most from Huawei's loss, with 24 per cent more clicks on its products in New Zealand", Matinvesi-Bassett said. It's unclear precisely how Lumentum's components are used in Huawei's phones, but the components maker said that Huawei was responsible for 18% of its revenue in its last reported quarter.

Foot Locker Inc shares plunged 16.0 per cent, the most among S&P 500 companies, after the footwear retailer missed quarterly profit and same-store sales estimates. Over the weekend, Reuter reported that Google had blocked Huawei from accessing its Android operating system and other services including Gmail, maps and search.

But Huawei also sees the challenges.

Huawei's blacklisting comes as the Trump administration is engaged in an escalating trade war with China.

Trump will meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the G20 meeting next month in Japan.