Microsoft Lumia 950 May Not Be The Likeable Handset You Thought

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She doesn't plan to move to Windows 10 in the near future, saying that Windows 7 is the best OS, and better than Windows 8 at least.

Attention, Samsung computer owners: the company would like to strongly urge you to avoid upgrading to Windows 10.

With online ad blocking becoming ever more popular, companies have to find new ways to push their products at people. Microsoft began sending on-screen messages prompting them to download and install Windows 10 ad but the ad bears a tricky side of it, as cited by the same post.

To make matters worse, Samsung is also advising its customers to contact Microsoft for further assistance. Microsoft has already sold the feature phone business it acquired from Nokia to Foxconn so it can exclusively focus on the development of Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Within 30 seconds I realized that what he was experiencing was exactly what the article I read on vacation had covered. The Redmond giant has been urging users to make the free upgrade to Windows 10 since it became available and the free upgrade option expires on June 29. This is apparently what happened to my panicked caller, and Windows 10 was "inadvertently" installed.

But with Microsoft aiming for one billion devices on Windows 10 within the next two years, it could struggle to maintain the same level of growth - especially when some customers are being asked to cough-up £130.

You might know that the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro model many a time has made several rounds just before it has now obtained Wi-Fi certification. Forbes contributing writer Gordon Kelly said the Windows 10 upgrade tactic is "borderline malware".

Pinellas Computers owner Ryan Malize says that's because Microsoft left users no way to opt out of the Windows 10 prompt. After 31 days, well, you're stuck unless you can find a copy of your preferred OS and overwrite it.

Windows 10 has been available to the public for six months this week. I love Outlook and gmail, but it has not been easy for the casual user.

Well, it would be great to have most of the user base on the same system, if only it weren't as hard as it is. I really didn't want Windows at all and this only reinforces why. Why would we want to use Win 10 with more ads?