Microsoft cybersecurity expert: Please, stop using Internet Explorer as a web browser

Microsoft Drag Internet Explorer to the Trash. No ReallyMore

Microsoft's cybersecurity specialist in a blog post said that although it is fine to use Internet Explorer for certain enterprise solutions, it should not be relied on as the main browser but just as a compatibility solution. According to Jackson, the use of Internet Explorer creates costs do down the line for companies, and also provides difficulties when creating web-pages for future use.

This, to some extent, should help Microsoft push businesses away from Internet Explorer and embrace a more robust browser.

In his post, Jackson explains how Microsoft customers still ask him Internet Explorer related questions for their business.

Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the world's most popular web browser in 2016.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer isn't equipped to handle the modern web. He admitted that Microsoft had stopped new web standards for Microsoft Edge and a good number of developers aren't now testing for Internet Explorer.

According to the latest Netmarketshare numbers, nearly 8% of the users still use Internet Explorer as opposed to the 4% who use Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer, Edge, has performed abysmally in terms of market share, thanks in no small part to its youth leading to a limited ecosystem of extensions. "As the company is developing and testing of the modern web browser", as told by Chris Jackson.

However, Microsoft is working on a Chromium-based version of Edge that won't be attached to Windows 10. The new version of Edge can make a huge difference for Internet Explorer die-hard fans because businesses will be able to install it on some older versions of Windows.

While numerous users these days either use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, some firms still depend on Internet Explorer for web apps that have been built using the old infrastructure. Consequently, if we continued our previous method, you would end up in a scenario where, by making the best or most effective use of the things you have, you will end up like that you are not capable to use new apps as they come out.