Michael Moore Has Penned a 28th Amendment


But, if we can agree on the bump stock, that is something.

"The Second Amendment is a fundamental right", Reed said during a conference call with reporters. People with access to guns kill people.

Mr. Moore's ideal public policy following the repeal of the Second Amendment would include laws that require a man to get gun-waivers from "his most recent ex-wife, or any woman with whom he is now in a relationship (if he's gay, he must get the waiver from his male spouse/partner)". Our nation's dedication to gun rights must be tempered by a dedication to gun safety and responsibility, but we can't forget and abandon the liberties enshrined in the constitution. Yet that same year, there were 489 "unintentional firearms deaths" in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 2007. That's right, not even the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook, or Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords almost being killed, or the murder of 49 innocent club-goers has given them a change of heart.

And what about that "well regulated militia" part of the amendment? The Minutemen that will deter Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are based in missile silos in Minot, North Dakota, not farmhouses in Lexington, Massachusetts. Moreover, he makes clear that he finds the whole idea of a citizenry being armed to repel tyranny quite "curious" to begin with. Police have said gunman Stephen Paddock used the devices on a number of rifles when he opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino Sunday night.

What might have raised a red flag?

So yes, if I had my way, there would be little private ownership of guns, and what there was would be highly regulated, with strict requirements on licensing, training, and record-keeping.

Hollywood liberals are massive hypocrites when it comes to the issue of gun control.

Maybe it's because they argue their case badly and - let's face it - in bad faith. As Rolling Stone notes, it was done when the Twenty-First Amendment repealed prohibition in the Eighteenth, and it can be done again. People recognize lip service for what it is. If three-quarters of the country has decided they have no need for a gun, three-quarters of the country may also decide they have no need for an archaic amendment that allows retired accountants to own 47 assault weapons.

Guns didn't start the Civil War, World War I or WWII. You'll never see it in a National Rifle Association magazine, and it should concern all Americans. He does not believe the NRA has bought influence and he believes late night host Jimmy Kimmel is wrong to say the NRA has. Republicans, Democrats, progressives and conservatives should be able to unite in embracing such a law.

But when you talk to people from other countries about America and guns, you always get the same incredulous questions.

Also unlike some liberals (very few, actually), I am not anti-gun.

"People use guns way more to defend themselves from criminals, than criminals using guns to hurt people", he added.

The intent of the Second Amendment will be re-litigated. "But it doesn't need a blanket Constitutional protection, either".

We won't demand change. The 2008 Supreme Court, clarifying the meaning of the Second Amendment, upheld the decision of the District of Columbia v. Heller - that everybody is entitled to bear arms.

But no matter how trustworthy you might be, you have to reckon with the price we all pay for the thing you enjoy: Over 30,000 Americans dead every year, and tens of thousands more maimed and paralyzed. My guess: Take the guns - or at least the presumptive right to them - away.

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