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MI5 boss to criticise Russian Federation over 'flagrant breaches of worldwide rules'

Andrew Parker Director General of MI5 will launch a scathing verbal assault on Russia during a speech in Berlin when he addresses European security chiefs

Britain and the European Union need to maintain a close security relationship after Brexit to counter the threat posed by Russian Federation and the terror group Islamic State, MI5 chief Andrew Parker said Monday.

The head of MI5 will launch an excoriating blast at Russian Federation today, accusing Vladimir Putin's regime of flagrant breaches of worldwide law.

In a rare public speech, Andrew Parker described the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia as a "deliberate and targeted malign activity" on British soil.

The West, he said, should "shine a light through the fog of lies, half-truths, and obfuscation that pours out of Russia's propaganda machine".

In total 36 innocent people died in attacks in 2017, in London and Manchester, making it the most deadly year for the United Kingdom since the bombings in the capital in 2005.

Russian diplomats were expelled from the United Kingdom following the incident and 28 European nations agreed to support Mrs May's action.

In December, Parker said that nine terrorist attacks had been foiled in the United Kingdom in the last 12 months.

Russia, he said, had sought to deploy an unprecedented level of disinformation following the attack.

Andrew Parker, the head of United Kingdom spy agency the MI5, has warned of the threats facing Europe from Islamic State.

Parker will thank European security agencies for their support in the investigation following the Manchester bombing that claimed 22 lives almost a year ago.

In a strong worded statement, the director general of MI5 has said that IS still aspires to carry out devastating and complex attacks in Europe, given it has lost some grounds in the Middle East.

"I can say confidently that the way we work together has prevented loss of life in Europe", he added, noting that 12 terror attacks have been thwarted in the United Kingdom since the 2017 Westminster attack.

"I am confident about our ability to tackle these threats, because of the strength and resilience of our democratic systems, the resilience of our societies and the values of we share with our European partners", he said.

Mr Barnier has previously declared the United Kingdom will be cut from security and defence involvement once it leaves the EU.

The speech will be directed to the Counter Terrorism Group which is compromised of intelligence heads from 30 European security services.