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MH370 controls 'likely manipulated' to go off course

MH370 controls 'likely manipulated' to go off course

A long-awaited official report into flight MH370's disappearance gave no new information about why the Malaysian plane vanished, sparking anger and disappointment among relatives of those who were on board.

The 450-page document found the flight deliberately turned round at some point after takeoff - and investigators can not rule out the possibility of hijacking.

Investigators released a probe report on Monday into the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner MH370 and said they were unable to determine the cause of one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries.

THE Malaysian Government has released its final report into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

"The answer can only be conclusive if the wreckage is found", Kok Soo Chon, head of the MH370 safety investigation team, told reporters.

"We hope that these mistakes will not be repeated and that measures are put in place to prevent them in the future", said Grace Nathan, a lawyer whose mother, Anne Daisy, was on the plane.

The Boeing 777 plane disappeared on the night of March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott is among those to support this theory, saying in the lead up to the third anniversary of the plane's disappearance he found it "plausible".

It also said the plane was airworthy and did not have major technical issues.

Burrows, from Queensland, said she felt Malaysian authorities had "fumbled the whole investigation from the start" with delays and confusion. However, the investigators concluded there was nothing suspicious about this information.

"We can not determine with any certainty the reason the plane diverted from its planned route", Kok said.

The report documented shortcomings among Kuala Lumpur air traffic controllers: they were too slow to initiate emergency procedures and there was no evidence to suggest they were continuously monitoring radar displays, it said.

Kok said the team looked into the pilot and first officer's background.

Three pieces of wreckage believed to be from MH370 have been found from as far north as Tanzania and as far south as South Africa.

And a second, private search by USA company Ocean Infinity that finished earlier this year also found no sign of the wreckage.

Other theories disproved by the report included speculation that the plane's cargo, which included 4,566kg of mangosteens and 221kg of lithium-ion batteries, had sparked to cause a fire.

The report however highlighted mistakes and protocols and guidelines that were not followed, the families told reporters after a briefing on the report.

On May 29, Malaysia called off a three-month search by USA firm Ocean Infinity, which spanned 112,000 sq km (43,243 sq miles) in the southern Indian Ocean and ended with no significant findings.

He said however he hoped the government would try to find new clues and consider resuming the search.

The next-of-kin of the passengers were briefed on the final report by investigators earlier on Monday. Alhough more than 20 items of debris suspected or confirmed to be from the aircraft have washed ashore on coastlines across the Indian Ocean since then, the body of Boeing 777 has never been found. But that search was called off after failing to locate the plane while scouring 125,000sq km of the Indian Ocean.