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Mexico: Summer storm buries cars in ice on streets of Guadalajara

The city has been basking in summer temperatures of over 30C in recent days

Guadalajara, located roughly 540 kilometres northwest of Mexico City, has been experiencing summer temperatures of about 31 degrees Celsius.

The freak storm covered parts of the city in up to a meter of ice, as Sky News reports, with pictures and videos posted across social media.

A storm that dumped more than 4ft of hail on parts of Guadalajara damaged hundreds of homes, according to officials in Mexico's second largest city.

The weather just keeps getting stranger: a record-breaking heat wave scorched Europe in June, and now a freak storm has buried Guadalajara, Mexico in almost 5 feet of hail.

The Mexican army has been called in to help city workers clear the streets, with diggers being used to break up chunks of ice. Cars in the city were buried by the ice, with the hail reaching five feet in some areas of the city.

Autos lie entombed in ice after a freak hailstorm struck Guadalajara, Mexico on Sunday.

Mexico's national agency for civil protection tweeted that the storm occurred early on June 30 in Tlaquepaque, with hail as high as one to two feet causing damage to four blocks. A hailstone grows as additional water freezes onto it, and eventually becomes too heavy and falls to the ground. That said, extreme precipitation events are becoming more common as the planet heats up.

A girl and a baby stroll on hail in the jap role of Guadalajara on Sunday.

Low pressure extending south from the USA and Mexico border had been forecast to contribute to developing storms along the boundary separating different air masses, CNN Meteorologist Michael Guy said.