Meghan Markle Reportedly Offered Millions To Return For An Episode Of 'Suits'

Meghan Markle Reportedly Offered Millions To Return For An Episode Of 'Suits'

Markle is expected to give birth to her first child with Prince Harry in March or April this year.

However, he doesn't appear to hear her - or, as some fans claimed, he "snubbed" her - and Meghan's face appears to fall slightly as she turned back.

Former actress and the newest member of the British Royal Family, Meghan Markle, ended her acting career when she married Prince Harry past year, but rumors are circulating the Duchess of Sussex could be back for a very special Suits episode.

Instead, it's thought that Meghan, a proud supporter of a selection of good causes, may be tempted by the chance to donate a multi-million dollar check to charities of her choice. Turns out, Prince Harry's wife could possibly (emphasis on possibly, people!) make a return to her role as cool chic/attorney Rachel Zane on Suits. Adding, "No final figure has yet been arrived at but negotiations are likely to be opened in the very near future".

Not to mention, Meghan seemed more than happy with the way she ended that chapter of life when she talked about her retirement from acting during her engagement interview with Harry previous year.

Using her insider knowledge, Lady Colin said that Harry had "changed considerably" since marrying Meghan.

While Meghan is now a member of the royal family, and has therefore given up her career in acting, it is believed the Duchess could make an unexpected return to Suits.

Markle's appearance could potentially fit into the story nicely, with her being happily pregnant, and enjoying her new life living in the UK.

A source from NBC Universal -who owns the USA Network show - reportedly told the news outlet that they're more than willing to accommodate Meghan's busy schedule, and would even allow her to film the sequence in the UK.

"I believe we could get away with only one or two lines from Rachel, perhaps saying how she would never have believed she would have such a wonderful life".

"It would give one or several charities a big boost, portray Meghan as a thoroughly modern royal - and give us one of the biggest ratings blockbusters of our existence".