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Mecca summit slams US embassy move to Jerusalem: statement

Mideast protests in Iran, elsewhere mark 'Jerusalem Day'

Separately, Israeli police said they shot dead a 19-year-old Palestinian suspected of carrying out two stabbings near Damascus Gate, a bustling main entrance to the predominantly Palestinian part of the occupied Old City.

"Police units that responded at the scene saw the attacker with a knife".

The communique also condemned and rejected any positions issued by worldwide bodies or countries which supports the "prolongation of the occupation and expansionist settlement project at the expense of the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people, including the recognition by the USA administration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel".

The last Friday of the Muslim holy month is also observed in many countries in the Middle East as Quds Day to commemorate the capture of East Jerusalem by Israel in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

The conflict saw Israel capture the Golan Heights from Syria, before it was later annexed in a move not internationally recognised.

Palestinians have cut off all contacts with the Trump administration after the president broke with decades of bipartisan policy to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in December 2017.

Israel insists the whole of Jerusalem is its "eternal, indivisible capital".

Kushner's Middle East peace plan is vague and not centered around a two-state solution, which for decades has been the USA goal for ending the Israel-Palestine conflict.

US President Donald Trump said Thursday he was sorry to see "Israel" forced into an election rerun, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition.

Mr Kushner, accompanied by Trump envoy Jason Greenblatt, arrived in Jerusalem after earlier stops in Morocco and Jordan.

USA officials have been non-committal on the exact timing, except to say it would come after the administration presents the economic portion.

"Anything in the plan that has the slightest hint of a concession or a hard ask to Israel will be political dynamite during a campaign".

During his race for re-election this year, Netanyahu consistently leveraged his close friendship with Trump to win votes, touting various political gifts from the White House as evidence of his foreign policy prowess.

The Palestinians' chief negotiator Saeb Erekat joked that the Trump plan, which they believe will be heavily weighted in Israel's favor, was now "the deal of the next century".

Netanyahu proudly displayed the official State Department map, updated to incorporate the long-disputed Golan as part of Israel, during a news conference in Jerusalem on Thursday about the political turmoil engulfing the Jewish State.